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Iowa Contract Law Attorneys At Your Service

Contracts are at the heart of countless vital interactions between individuals, between individuals and companies, and between companies. Fuerste, Carew, Juergens & Sudmeier, P.C., assists clients in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin with contractual matters in business contexts as well as in real estate and other areas involving formalized agreements such as employment contacts and construction contracts.

Ready To Draft You A Contract Regardless Of Your Roles And Interests

With a 50-year history and roots in the Dubuque area dating back more than 150 years, our firm has proven its integrity and reliability in a wide range of legal practice areas, including contract drafting, negotiations and formalizing.

Our clients include large corporations and small-business owners of all sizes, independent contractors, property owners contracting for construction or remodeling, employers and employees, financial institutions, insurers and insureds, and many other parties to contracts.

You Can Trust Us To Review, Negotiate, Revise, Formalize And Litigate

Our business lawyers are available to review contracts before our clients sign. We can negotiate modifications to contracts, aimed at protecting our clients from unforeseen liabilities. We advocate on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract litigation.

Our quality work product, communicative approach to attorney-client relationships and extensive knowledge of contracts are all reasons we attract referrals and repeat business time and again.

Discuss Your Contract Matters With Us

We are here to learn about your needs and help you plan your goals. Schedule a consultation with us by completing our online contact form or by calling us toll-free at 563-227-5650. At our firm, you will get solid legal advice from a knowledgeable Iowa business and commercial law attorney, such as:

Visit our law offices at West Ninth and Main in downtown Dubuque or request for your consultation to take place at another mutually convenient location.