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Dubuque, Iowa, Workers’ Compensation Law Firm Helps Injured Workers

Our well-established Dubuque area law firm aims to protect the rights of people who have been injured in the workplace as well as those suffering other types of accidental injuries.

Whether you were injured on the job in Iowa, Wisconsin or Illinois, we are here to help you recover the benefits you need under your state’s workers’ compensation laws. Our clients have worked in many fields and industries, including manufacturing, office work, construction work, health care, retail and many other lines of work.

Representing A Range Of Clients With A Variety Of Injuries

We handle all types of on-the-job injuries, including:

  • Back, neck and knee injury
  • Loss of limb or use of limb
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Hearing or sight injury
  • Occupational diseases
  • Fatalities at the workplace

Certain types of injuries are common in particular occupations; for example:

  • Workers in factories and repair facilities often suffer from hearing loss attributed to loud work environments.
  • Welders often suffer burn injuries and respiratory disorders.
  • Back injuries are common for workers who frequently lift heavy loads.
  • Some office workers and manufacturing workers are prone to carpal tunnel syndrome through repetitive motion of wrists and elbows.

Any medical condition caused by activities on the job, requiring treatment and time off work, may make a worker eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Traumatic Injuries — Cumulative, Repetitive-Stress Injuries — Get Help With Your Benefit Claim Or Appeal

At Fuerste, Carew, Juergens & Sudmeier, P.C., we are prepared to handle all matters related to your workers’ compensation claim, whether it has been triggered by a sudden, traumatic injury or a cumulative injury developing over time.

  • We can help you verify, prepare and file all documents required throughout the process and act as your advocate in all proceedings.
  • We will ensure that you comply with the requirements of the law, including the provision of notice to your employer.
  • We will also work closely with you to help ensure you get the medical treatment you need while your case is pending.

In case of a denial or delay, we can represent you through all phases of appeals, including in administrative hearings and in judicial reviews. We are prepared to bring in doctors’ testimonies, records and reports to strengthen your claim for the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to receive.

Third-Party Liability Claims: Personal Injury And Wrongful Death.

Workers’ compensation claims do not require evidence that an employer was negligent. In every workers’ compensation case, we review the facts to determine whether there is also a viable third-party claim against a negligent party other than your employer or your family member’s employer. If so, our firm can handle your personal injury or wrongful death claim or lawsuit in addition to your workers’ compensation case.

If your injury or any medical condition will leave you unable to work for a year or longer, we can advise you on how to claim Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, as well.

Discuss Your Workplace Injury With An Experienced Lawyer At Fuerste, Carew, Juergens & Sudmeier, P.C., In Dubuque

To request a consultation with our Iowa workers’ compensation attorney:

Contact us by e-mail or call us toll free at 563-227-5650. Our convenient location at West 9th and Main in downtown Dubuque offers plenty of ramp and metered parking nearby. We can meet with you at a hospital or other convenient location if necessary. We also offer evening and weekend appointments as necessary.