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Effectively resolving a property line dispute

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Real Estate

Iowa property owners have the right to defend their interests and the rightful use of their land. This can be difficult when there are concerns over where one owner’s property ends and neighboring property begins. If you find yourself in a complicated situation or outright dispute with another party over the location of  property lines, you know how important it is to seek an effective resolution as soon as possible.

There are specific options available to you through which you can seek a beneficial conclusion to your property concerns. While an out-of-court resolution is generally preferable in terms of time and expenses, it may be necessary to go to court. You may benefit from an understanding of your property rights and the specific options through which you can protect those rights, though.

Seeking answers

You may want to avoid a lengthy and complex legal dispute, which is understandable. Thankfully, there are solutions that may allow you to seek a reasonable conclusion without the need for litigation. You can seek a new survey of the property, a step that can provide clarity for both sides. This may negate the need for further legal action. It may also be possible to come to a negotiated agreement on the property lines or the use of the property. However, any agreement should be formalized in a written contract.

In the event that an agreement is not reached, and a survey is not sufficient to resolve the concerns, you may have to take additional legal steps. A “quiet title” lawsuit is essentially a request that a judge step in and make a final decision on a boundary line dispute. The judge will make a determination after careful review of all evidence and documentation. You may have the ability to present your side in court.

Your property and your rights

Boundary line disputes aren’t easy. Before undertaking one, you may first benefit from knowing more about your rights and legal options, something you can do by pursuing a formal assessment of your case. Boundary line disputes can affect fence lines, the use of the property, where your kids can play, and many other aspects of how you live and work. Knowing where the lines are is critical to maintaining your property rights. In some cases, legal action is necessary to defend your interests as a property owner.